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  • Hakkımda:  Tashs' Festival, Travellin' and Environmental Archives.

    I am a photographer with a special interest to document the lives of travelling people and those attending Festivals, Stonehenge etc, what the press often describe as 'New Age Travellers'.

    With my photography, I have tried to say something of the wide variety of people engaged in 'Alternatives', and youths' many sub-cultures and to present a more positive view.

    I have photographed many free and commercial events and have, in recent years, extended my work to include dance parties ('rave culture'), gay-rights events, environmental direct actions, and protest against the Criminal Justice Act and more recently, issues surrounding the Global Capitalism.

    Further, police surveillance has recently become a very important subject for me!

    In recognition of this work, received a 'Winston' from Privacy International, at the 1998 'Big Brother' Awards. The citation reads: "Alan Lodge is a photographer who has spent more than a decade raising awareness of front-line police surveillance activities, particularly the endemic practice of photographing demonstrators and activists".

    I am currently involved with the setting up and administration of Nottinghamshire Indymedia. An 'open-publishing' system which is part of an international 'alternative media' network.

    I am based in Nottingham, UK.

    Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham. UK
    Member of the National Union of Journalists [No: 014345]
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  • lawmansionpenryn
    lawmansionpenryn yazıldı 07/01/10 18:43:56  
    I am the Father of a Natasha Katrina Rzehorska and I call her Tash but she never hears me as she went with her FAmily to live in the vicinity of Arezzo, Toscana, Italia. tash !
  • lawmansionpenryn
    lawmansionpenryn yazıldı 07/01/10 18:41:46  
    Well Done. You have great aspirations by which means your endeavours may become appreciated in due course.

    greetings from the cornish riviera.
    I arrived here by complete chance as I am seriously injured and did some images to send to darra singh O.B.E. as the chief executive at Jobcentreplus. I have been refused National Insurance Contributory Benefits and the Ombudsman Ann Abraham finally investigated part of the mistakes. An Wholly justified Complaint, but the Staff at Jobcentreplus are not well educated at the Level where I am owed arrears and compensation. I am seeing the word as image is fading and I turn now to the visual communicators. I have black and white negatives buried in paperwork from the 1971 Glastonbury Festival which is my Era. God Bless Mr Lodge , yours, Peter Bradshaw at Penryn in Cornwall. Praise the Lord. Trying to be Myself !
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