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  • Hakkımda:  Hi,
    I am active DSLR-photographer from Finland. My favourite targets are nature, buildings and night scenes.
    Hei! Olen digikuvauksen aktiiviharrastaja. Voit tutustua kuviini tarkemmin osoitteessa:
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  • rolf
    rolf yazıldı 10/19/08 12:07:02  
    you can do that already. Just mark the photos which are on the same position and tag them all together. Or use the right arrow key to move to the next image - that map should stay where it is, move the map and confirm position by hitting the return key.
    This feature is new and therefore not yet well documented.
    Try it out and please give me your feedback.

  • rolf
    rolf yazıldı 10/19/08 11:20:12  
    Hi Antti,

    great to have you on I just had a look at your website, you make great photos. Just share some more with us.
    If you have any ideas/proposals, how we can improve our website/offering, just let me know.
    We are continuously working on making locr better.

    Have a nice Sunday, Rolf
    Hi Rolf,
    I am a new member and I am going to get familier with locr to get all benefit out of it. Straight away I can say it's fantastic and very powerful site. One idea I have right now: when manually geotagging several pictures would be nice if the map stayed in it's focused position or at least you could choose that kind of option. It's so slow and little annoying to do same thing all over again from the beginning.
    Best regards and have a nice sunday too,
    p.s You have nice underwater pictures!
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